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Toshaan’s Easy Health Guide

Toshaan’s Easy Health Guide

What if there were easy, fun ways to remember how to stay healthy? I created these simple health rhymes as fun and easy reminders that you could display in your kitchen or any place where you can see them several times a day.



Both kids and adults can use them. These are guidelines on what not to do and what could help your body instead.

The sooner you want to die, call 1 800-EAT-FRIED

What?! you eat junk, fast food?? Stop or your health can soon go down dude.

If you eat dead, beige foods, you’ll be in tired, drowsy moods.

When you have stress, relationships are a mess.

If you want to keep the diseases away, drink about 8 cups of water every day.

You’ll be at your best when you have enough rest!

If you keep your body alkaline, you will rarely need a help line

Once you start movin’, you will soon get groovin’