Empowering kids and families to live healthy lives

Who I Am

Who I Am

I am Toshaan Arora, an astute 10 year old boy from eclectic Austin, Texas. When I was 8, my father had his third heart attack. The other two events were in each of the previous years. These events hurt me.

In midst of my dad’s journey that involved ambulances, IV drips, hospital waiting rooms, deep concerns from friends & family, I decided to alter the reality around me.

I made bold commitments towards health & wellbeing. My vision of Kid to Kid Health Campaign was born.

I want children to own their destiny of their wellbeing. I want parents and care givers to be aware of their responsibility towards creating a healthful environment in which kids can thrive in this toxic world.

After my own independent research with cardiologists to pediatricians to naturopaths and unfailing support from my Mom, I gave my first talk about Kid to Kid Health Campaign to my temple community of about 200 people.

The outcome was eye opening. A kid name Judah, same age group as me, came up to me and said “You know what?? I am going to ask my Mom to make sure I eat healthy from now on. I know my Mom will support me.”  The boy’s mother hurried over after the talk excitedly thanking me & my parents that she wanted this shift in her son so much because she was tired of nagging him to eat healthy.

When I spoke in front of 4th graders, I got so many questions from these kids. Since then, I have given talks in schools, temples, churches, and conferences.

I own my future. And I want all kids around the globe to know they can choose great health despite of junk food & chemicals we young kids are exposed to.

“Let’s make this world a healthier place together”