Empowering kids and families to live healthy lives

Who I Am

I am Toshaan Arora, an astute 10 year old boy from eclectic Austin, Texas. When I was 8, my father had his third heart attack. The other two events were in each of the previous years. These events hurt me.

My Mission & Vision

My mission is to empower and inspire kids and families to live healthier lives. I present my vision at schools, churches, temples, social gatherings and conferences.

Toshaan’s Easy Health Guide

What if there were easy, fun ways to remember how to stay healthy? I created these simple health rhymes as fun and easy reminders

Some of my talks

My goal is to reach out 3,000 people (kids & parents) by end of 2013 and influence them to live healthier lives.

"Let's make this world a healthier place together."